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No one knows for certain but the estimated number of orphans in the world is around 150 million.  That number alone makes the issue somewhat abstract.  To put this in perspective, recent stats show approximately 55 million kids attend public or private school in the United States of America.  So take all of the school age American children times 3 and that’s about how many orphans there are in the world.  That…is…staggering. 

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What we fail to remember is that one child wandering the streets because they have no home is unacceptable.  As we look at our own kids cuddled in their soft warm beds at night, food to eat and their needs met, we become horrified at the thought of what if it was my daughter or my son living on the streets with no one to care for them.  What if they were being abused or neglected and all they wanted was a safe place to lay their head at night?


Legacy Incorporated partners with individuals and organizations around the world to establish homes that welcome orphaned and neglected children.